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The elegance of fine dining + scintillating conversations

Connect with dynamic women
over curated fine dining experiences

About Us

Dine Couture is an exclusive, invitation-only, monthly membership based dining society that forges bonds over fabulous food.

We plan exceptional experiences for entrepreneurs and professional women who seek to socialize more and expand their social network.

Is membership right for you? 

Membership in New York City, major cities in New Jersey and Philadelphia.



Elegant gatherings and elevated fine dining experiences planned for you, but with you in mind. All you have to do is show up.

We select restaurants featuring cultural cuisines from around the world.

Here's an opportunity to expand your palette and indulge in luxurious experiences. Connect with fellow food lovers, while traveling outside of your  local environment.  


There are no limits to where food will take you and Dine Couture will help you explore it all.

Here is why you should consider membership.

Elegant Dining Experiences in Elegant Settings

Elegant monthly gatherings planned for you each month.

Expand Your Social Network.

Connect with other dynamic women who are passionate about engaging in new experiences and expanding their social circle.

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