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Because life is always so serious,
there's Dine Couture...
It's time to upgrade your social life.


Bri Cobb - Founder of Dine Couture Premier Fine Dining Dinner Club

Hey, I'm Bri Cobb!

I help women inject fun into their lives through luxurious dining experiences worth every bit of their time.


I have spent most of my adult life happily raising my children, managing my family, building a career and growing a business. For years, I was focused on ensuring that I put forth my best to achieve optimal results in all of these areas. But, I neglected to simply have fun. Now that my youngest child is in college, I am totally compelled to do just that.

What I know for sure is that great food, great company and great experiences enhance your social life. As I have always appreciated and enjoyed the elegance of fine dining and scintillating conversation with longtime friends and acquaintances, I decided to formalize a dinner club to encourage more women to have fun and forge new relationships over shared fine dining experiences.  

Let's dine together!

We invite you to be part of exceptional monthly dining experiences planned for you. 


To help modern, progressive, professional women live their best lives by adding more fun and experiences.


We provide a platform for professional women to socialize, establish social relationships and build their social network.


We curate unique dining experiences for members in the New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.


Dine Couture's membership boasts a high-caliber of women from all professional fields, who are intentional about living a robust life beyond their careers or businesses.

A curated, by invitation only


Dine Couture is a membership-based, premier fine dining society that forges connections and bonds, among modern, professional women, over fabulous food from cuisines around the world.

We are selective to ensure that all members have a great experience and the opportunity to establish social relationships to build their social network.

Benefits of Membership

  • Incomparable dining experiences planned for you each month

  • Indulgence in global cultural cuisines

  • Access to some of the finest restaurants and chefs

  • Your Girls Night Out done on a regular basis

  • Opportunity to establish new relationships and forge new connections

  • Form your new foodie circle and hang with like-minded women​

How to Join...


Share information about you, so we can get to know you.


We'll be in touch to virtually meet you and find out if we're a good fit for one another.


Connect with fabulous women and build your social network.

dine well

Dine with us at all monthly planned dinners.

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